Calling for Projects

We are currently working with a small group of budding software developers and data scientists, trained by MIT ReACT and CodeDoor. Approximately half of them have refugee background while the other half are underrepresented. We are looking for paid-projects that will help our candidates get needed experience to become world-class engineers. Rest assure that all work will be completed flawlessly as we also have mid-level to senior engineers who will work alongside of these candidates to ensure quality. Please reach out to us for the below:



Front-End: React JS, Vue, Rails, and Django, bootstrap, SaaS, HMTL/CSS, Flutter, font-awesome, etc.

Back-End: Python and Python Django, Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, Node JS and PostgreSQL, SQL, MongoDB, MySQL, etc.


IOS, application security, testing of applications, Continuous Integration, and continuous delivery working with APIs, etc.